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It is time for an innovative formula for an adventurous experience.

Innovative Alcohol Free Saffron Beer​

ticket to cloud nine

Alcohol free beer

Healthy formula

Saffron enriched

Vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Our first planet ticket To cloud nine...

Our first planet ticket To cloud nine is covered with Saffron, lavender, and hence joy. Saffron has been the precious spice, dye, perfume, and medicine through history. It has been an essential ingredient to many Indian, Persian, and Moroccan foods and drinks.

We’re proud to say we adore Saffron because research shows that Saffron can help improve your mood, memory, and learning ability, as well as protect your brain cells against oxidative stress that are good for both our body and soul. We call it red gold. It takes 75000 saffron flowers to make one pound of saffron spice.

We are dedicated to using the finest Saffron, floor-malted barley, and hops. This beer is sure to please everyone from the casual drinker to the aficionado.

about us

Our mission at Tcket is to never be boring. We truly believe that drinking beer should be a sensory experience and provide you with a good time. Our goal is to give the more adventurous drinkers healthy, innovative ways to enjoy a beverage. In our opinion, a beverage doesn’t need to have a high alcohol content to be enjoyable.

When you crack open your Tcket beer, let that cold rush flow down into your mouth and taste nature.

Our UK craft non-alcoholic beers have a full-flavoured, distinctive character, are well-balanced and delicious. From the Saffron to the malted barley to the yeast and hops, our experienced professionals handle every step of the process and every aspect of our beer.

Our family-run business has made non-alcoholic and alcohol-free beer for over 20 years.
We thought it was time to develop a newer, more thoughtful and innovative formula for safe drinking. Grab a Tcket and let us take you on an adventure where authentic taste, smell and physical sensations await you. Every Tcket is designed to take you to a destination unlike any other.

We’ll make you a flavourful, unadulterated beer using only the highest quality natural ingredients. We’ll never pasteurize or manipulate it in any way.
Our bottles are as artistic as they are tasty, so come on in and get a Tcket to a hypnotizing sensory experience.

Welcome aboard! Travel Safe!

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